Friday, May 4, 2007



Yesh..word power.

No introduction..I'll just start with examples.

One day you invented a flying machine(It is a mechanical wing and you wear it on and you can fly!!!!).

And of course you will certainly show off ur intelligence...You will use that wings immediately.

And can fly.

Here comes the word power part.

Look at what these people will say about you and you'll know their characteristic.

Wai Yee : superman!!!!!!

Annabelle : sot eh..that person..-.-"

Josephine : baka!!I bet he'll fall in one minute

Han Yin : Yerr...I want to play!!!

Yoong Su Lynn : I don't mind to use a binocular.

Blueapple : So..Is that a human with flying machine?

My Sister : Crazy people just like my sister.

Vijaya : Eh look!!!People flying eh!!

Miss Ho : Meoww??

Naomi : ahhhhhhhhh

Melissa : hahaha...

Suet Ling : Hey,that guy is cute!!!

Janice : I want!!I want!!!

Get what i mean?

Monday, April 16, 2007

The chronicles of onions

Everyone knows that we'll cry when we cut onions.
yes yes..tears oozed out and you can barely open your eyes.

hmmm...even IF you never ever cut an onion before..u should know that right?

there's a solution for this toublemaker
that is to sharpen your knife before you use it

and it's always ada udang di sebalik batu

Once upon a time..when there is still dinosaur...ELVES already exist.
nonono..the elves aren't scared of the dinosaurs because they have super power and they are too tiny to be seen by the dinosaur.

They are everywhere.

Dancing with the insects in the bloom or playing hide and seek in the woods or do some abracadabra thing to the big frightening creature or learn abc or making wreath or swimming in the clouds or......

However..they are no longer safety when the last ray vanish

their NUMBER ONE enemy will approach and they will be torture to death...scary eh

the vampires will wake up from the coffins in the cementeries..
and catch them by using blood.

According to the ancient...elves will faint then they are splash will dirty blood.
so..since the elves are everywhere..
the vampires just have to splash dirty blood any where they like.

The pityingly elves will then be force to drink some purple colour liquid which is made up of bat wings,lizzard's heart,hair and so on.

well..then..the elves will have to listen to their master(the vampires) and use their power to allow the vampire to travel to the future or back to the past.

ok ok ok ok..
i know this sounds a bit complicated.
you just need to know that..
the cementeries and dirty blood and purple liquid ingredients and vampires are from this century
and the vampires have some power too but it's not enough for them to travel so often

anything la!!

then right..
the elves finally found out something which can protect themselves from being caught by the vampire..


so they hide inside the onions..

and when you cut the onion,the elves will remember the dreadful past and release some magic which makes you cry.

but when you sharpen the knife...
you won't cry because you will wipe away the magic.

remember this..
no magic? sharp knife.


Rules Of The FishBall Religion

1:all fishballer must be able to list out at least NINE features of a fishball
2:pray to fishball before you sleep and even you nap
5:must eat fishball for at least twice in one week
6:must love fishball
7:must know all the rules well
8:must let others know that you are a fishballer
9:must not force others to become a fishballer
10:lucky number of all fishballer-9

Friday, March 2, 2007


This is the 3rd post for today


wAi yEE's rOmantiC LovE stOry

Our deaR deaR friend,wai yee is IN LOVE with a guy who looks like ping guan.

It can be categorise as ROMANTIC because:-
1)They are studying in the same college,probably the same batch also
2)He dye his hair
3)He's tall
4)Wai yee see him EVERYDAY
5)Wai yee bump into him and he use his eyes to ask:"dear,are you ok?"
6)When wai yee was donating blood,he gave her moral support in the cafeteria
7)Both of them are wearing glasses
8)Wai yee likes him and I think he likes her also..of coz
9)They are young
10)"It's so romantic"says wai yee
11)They can speak mandarin
12)Wai yee's friend is his friend's friend

I would like to stop here because it will be endless if I continue writing this puppy love story.

There's super new favour cake in the Baker's Cottege in Subang Jaya ss/15,the one near Starbucks.

We(actually it's Annabelle who bought it) bought Jo's birthday cake there.I think the cake is espresso delighy tiramisu royal fruit black forest.

What a longggg name!I think the baker wants to tell the customer what's the cake made up of.

Hmm...How to describe the cake we ate this morning...
1)It doesn' taste like tiramisu
2)The fruit is actually the strawberry
3)Black forest....please do't say the word forest anymore coz it will remind me of the desert in sam garden.It's not even a garden anymore!!!

There's another cake in the bakery which is call the mocha cheese cake.
Can you imagine Mocha with Cheese???
It's like eating Watermelon with Chili sause.

Anyways...If you don't believe what I'm writing here...You may ask Annabelle-the cake buyer

The information below is the proof of the new species of cakes:

This is the msg Annabelle sent to me during Maths class:

Time :9:08am
Date :02/03/07
From :Annabelle
To :edgy mimicker(Blogger Rule 6 :we are not allow to show our real name in blogs)

Mocha cheese,espresso delighy tiramisu royal fruit balck forest.which 1?

p/s:luckily she put fullstop after black forest or i'll think that there's a cake call which 1

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


When it comes to secret...everyone will say:"No..NO!!I don't have a secret!"
But everyone loves secret!!
Of corse..not our own secret.
Everyone has at least one secret.
Sometimes,a secret will become a secret because it's hide from others although it's not a secret.
But since nobody knows's a secret!!!
Or whatever..

Lets try this:
Go into the class and shout at ano-belle
:"psk,ano!!!!I want to tell you a secret!!!!"
Then..ano will smile at you..happily of course..and nod
And 80% of the other people in the class will ask :"what??what??!!"
THe other 20% will keep quite but their ears will stand by and listen to what you are trying to say..

Secrets can be big or small.
Interesting or boring.
Fresh or copy-cat.

Miss A --big mouth
Mr B --likes to wear bra
Mr X --he's an alien
Miss Z --her secret is that she don't have one and she used to create fake ones.

My secret is this blog(I didn't tell most people that I have a super blog)

Of course..Keeping secrets is not lying.
It is not lying when you didn't say anything.
But..saying that you don't have a secret or you don't know someone's secret(although you know) is lying!!
And liars go to hell.
So..Don't ask other people to tell you their secrets.
Don't make them go to hell!
But do tell others about your secret or other people's secret.
Because..Big mouth won't go to hell.

A secret can be a secret for her but not you.
Because..He told you his secret.
And belongs to both of you.
Since you know his secret and that's a secret too!!

Advantages :
You will become a good guesser
Your adenaline hormone will be secreted and increase you heart beat when someone almost tell you the secret.Then blood can flow....Gaseous exchange....bla bla bla

Here's a joke about secret:

One day..A doctor asked his intern to inform the patient in room 302 that he has 5 years left.Then the intern went to room 302 and shouted at the patient :"Hey!!You have 5 more years left!"Immediately..the patient got a heart attack and die.The doctor was angry and scolded the intern."You stupid fellow!!Can't you use a polite way to announce it?"Then the intern apologise and he forgive him."Now go to room 405 and tell the patient that he has 3 months polite."Then..the intern went to room 405 and walked to the patient.He went to the patient's ear and said:"Hey...Do you want to know a secret?You have 3 months left"(He talked very very soft)..Then immediately..the patient got a heart attack and die..

This joke might not be related to secrets..but since the word 'secret' is there..hmm..
This is more like a news than a secret..but my point is the disadvantage of secrets is..It will cause fatal.